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The Delta t Alternatively-Normal Time Service

Many conventionally-normal people have great difficulty imagining and feeling the normal sense of time of an alternatively-normal person. In the mistaken belief that it’s already midday for everyone, they phone their friends, relatives and .business contacts during their night time, thereby putting a strain on good relationships. This can be avoided, because now early risers can check, before making that early morning call or visit, what time it is for their alternatively-normal fellow human. By shifting the time an average 4 hours back, the Delta t Alternatively-Normal Time Service shows the corresponding current alternatively-normal time.

Here the conventionally-normal person discovers that for his alternatively-normal contact person, the time is not already 11am, as it is for him, but rather only 7am, time to turn over again for a bit more shuteye.

Conventionally-Normal Time (CET/CEST)

In the Conventionally-Normal Time Zone it is precisely:

Wed Mar 14 23:48:34 CET

Alternatively-Normal Time (CEDTT - Central European Delta t Time)

In the Alternatively-Normal Time Zone it is precisely:

Wed Mar 14 20:48:34 CEDTT

The Delta t Alternatively-Normal Time Service offers all Delta t members the additional option of displaying their Own Personal Time (OPT) on the basis of their individual time difference.

Own Personal Time (OPT)

In your Own Personal Time (OPT) it is precisely:

Wed Mar 14 20:48:34 GPZ

Define your personal time zone here: adjustment for lateness (10 points for good style)

A caesium atomic clock at the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt – the State Institute for Physics and Technology) provides our server with the current time which is the basis for our calculation of Alternatively-Normal Time. Delta t may therefore rightfully claim to offer the world’s first online alternatively-normal time service supported by a caesium clock. A special thank you to the PTB team whose conventionally-normal time service makes ours possible.