Joining up | becoming a member of the Delta t Club for Alternative Normality e.V.

As you would probably expect, we do not fit into the typical model of a club. We don't spend our time getting tangled in the inner-workings of the club and contemplating our navels; instead we look beyond them, our first and foremost interest being in changing things for the better in the world outside. The status of registered club is for us simply the best legal form to allow us to pursue the club's aims within a transparent and organised structure.
We could just as well have chosen a plc, Ltd or other form if these had not been so unnecessarily complicated.

So therefore you cannot become a shareholder or partner but you can become a member. And in principle anyone can do this, even early risers. These people should have at least a tolerant attitude towards the cause of delayed and extreme sleeping for the sake of, for example, their children, partner or friends. They are then registered as supportive members. Alternatively-normal people, that is, delayed and extreme sleepers are registered as active members.

Active here means of course in the first instance sleeping until one wakes as often as possible and being prepared to admit to this. On the other hand, Delta t is also the lobby for delayed and extreme sleepers who have set ourselves the goal of helping ourselves through the activities of the club to gain recognition and tolerance and to live the kind of life which corresponds to our nature. To do this we need members who, over and above having a good sleep, will also support the club through their work and their membership fee, which is EUR 2.50 per month (In the case of hardship the board can grant a 50 percent reduction in the fee). This is all laid out in paragraphs 3-5 of our statutes and articles.
If all this so far has not scared you off, you can download our membership application form (PDF 95 KB) and send it back to us completed. We'll be delighted to receive it!

The founders of Delta t following their breakfast together at 3pm.