... because now there´s DELTA t, the Club for Alternative Normality (an official German e.V. organisation). And this club is surely long overdue, for people who like to burn the midnight oil and have an accordingly long lie are the victims in our society of a discrimination evident in a large number of proverbs:

“The early bird catches the worm“ - this is the motto for kindergartens, schools, employers and, at the top of the list naturally, public offices and institutions, all of which insist on opening at sunrise.

We don´t have to tell a real Delta-ter how bad it is to drag oneself out of bed at the crack of dawn, especially in winter. This is a daily round of torture for those of us who really prefer to leave the worms in peace.

This early bird philosophy should no longer remain unchallenged. From now on Delta t calls a halt to the morning horrors with its battlecry of

“when the cock crows at break of day,
we know where it´s best to stay“.

Because we find this completely normal, we go by the name of Delta t, the Club for Alternative Normality.

For more information you can call us any time after 12 a.m. (CEST), or you can send us a letter, an email or fax anytime you like.

Yours drowsily
Günter Woog
Du bist nicht allein

established 1993
The world's first
organisation for late risers
and extreme sleepers

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